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The MYDIGIPASS™ is a free and easy-to-use online program that protects your online accounts. It works by adding an additional security layer to stop hackers who want to steal your identity and credentials. MYDIGIPASS™ has a simple launch pad where you can easily access all your favorite websites. It saves the web addresses, usernames and passwords. The only thing you need is a compute, tabled or phone and access to the internet and you are safe, anytime.

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Cloud based managed authentication

DIGIPASS as a Service is VASCO’s cloud based, managed authentication service which makes use of VASCO’s proprietary authentication technology. Application service providers (ASPs) can secure
their entire infrastructure with DIGIPASS as a Service. Companies focus on their core business while VASCO takes care of securing their online applications with two-factor authentication in a
service model.
DIGIPASS as a Service has been designed for ASPs that want to add strong authentication to protect their content, the data of their users, e-commerce environments or simply to secure customer selfservice applications which reduce back office tasks.

For ASPs wanting to enhance the security of their applications

DIGIPASS as a Service overcomes these apprehensions:
authentication becomes an operating expense rather then a capital expense, thus lowering the cost of deployment and enhancing the Total Cost of Ownership. Since authentication is outsourced the time to market can be sped up.
The deployment of DIGIPASS as a Service does not require the integration of the product in an existing environment. The use of VASCO’s DIGIPASS as a Service platform ensures you always have the needed server capacity. The ASP is able to focus on his core activities instead of security. Adding strong user authentication to his environment can give the ASP the upper hand in an insecure, fast evolving and competitive online world. It ensures who accesses your data in online applications.


First line support to end-users is generally provided by the ASP. The DIGIPASS as a Service platform allows the ASPs to provide operational management and support to the endusers themselves. VASCO will provide standardized Q&A web templates to the ASP, allowing them to integrate web based support into their own online support.
The user license for the DIGIPASS as a Service platform includes basic support. ASPs have the option to extend this support with dedicated support contracts.

Professional Services

Every authentication project is unique. Different customers have different needs: some require meeting regulatory compliance within a limited timeframe others are fighting online fraud schemes
or need to tighten security. Whichever the driver to implement a strong authentication project, VASCO has the qualified engineers and project managers to turn the customer’s authentication project into a success. Our team will help ASPs with the configuration of DIGIPASS as a Service.

A single digipass to secure all applications

ASPs are sometimes reticent towards the deployment of strong authentication to their customer base. Many arguments are being used, such as logistic burdens, portability of authentication devices, multiple authenticators for diff erent applications, the installation of software on the end-user’s PC, high costs to secure individual applications, associated administration and helpdesk
costs, branding of authenticators,…

DIGIPASS as a Service overcomes these hurdles:
VASCO off ers a wide range of software and hardware based authentication devices which can be entirely customized and branded. Furthermore a single DIGIPASS can be used to secure all online applications.

The DIGIPASS as a Service offering also consists of a number of optional supporting services/ offerings: Fulfillment services Fulfillment services lighten the logistic burden of an authentication project for the customer and allow him to fully customize the DIGIPASS device reflecting corporate colors and logos. Fulfillment services include:

Branding and customization: every DIGIPASS can be branded reflecting corporate colors and logos in order to enhance brand recognition for end-users;
Customized packaging: VASCO offers a wide range of packaging services, ranging from nonpersonalized individual or bulk packaging to fully customized and branded packaging;
Distribution and storage: VASCO can offer supply chain services, delivering orders anywhere in the world, to a central location, to branch offices or directly to the endusers.

VASCO can also store customer’s stock in secure and adapted warehouses.

Eliminate password management hassles

Millions of websites off er services or protected content for their user groups and require log-on access. People that are active on the internet may find it hard to manage their digital life and keep track of every username/ password combination they have created for all of these sites. Password management is not only a stumbling block for consumers, but can be for website owners as
well. Off ering support for password management requires resources and can be a time-consuming and costly aff air.
To alleviate these obstacles, VASCO® launches MYDIGIPASS.COM. This is an online platform that allows web application owners to facilitate password management while adding an additional level of security to the access log-on procedure. VASCO allows website owners to freely integrate strong authentication using DIGIPASS® one-time passwords on their site for end-users to secure access to their services and content. By integrating MYDIGIPASS.COM website owners can reach out to the 100 million of users who alreadyown a DIGIPASS client.

How it works

To use the authentication feature, application owners need to integrate the MYDIGIPASS.COM connect button on their website. This button will allow the website owner to authenticate its user base via the MYDIGIPASS.COM platform. The website account will be linked to the MYDIGIPASS.COM account and will consequently allow the sharing of user attributes. By clicking the button, end-users will activate an account on the MYDIGIPASS.COM platform that is linked to the account of the website owner. Once the accounts are linked, they will be benefiting from strong authentication by clicking the button when logging-on on the website of their choice. To generate a one-time password to log on to the MYDIGIPASS.COM platform, end-users can use one of the hundred million dormant DIGIPASS in the field or download a mobile client on MYDIGIPASS.COM free of charge. When clicking the button, a pop-up authentication window will appear where the user can enter his one-time password generated by his DIGIPASS client. Once the authentication is successful, users will be granted access to their web application account. As long as users are logged on to MYDIGIPASS.COM, he can make use of every website that is connected to the MYDIGIPASS.COM platform without the need to authenticate again.
An easy-to-integrate platform Integration of DIGIPASS technology into the application’s website is a straightforward and simple task. VASCO has developed different tools to assist application
providers with the integration. “developer. MYDIGIPASS.COM” is an integration tool specifically designed for application providers and guides them step by step through the integration process.
The tool also contains a sandboxed environment to test the integration of the MYDIGIPASS.COM connect button into your application.


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