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Business File Sharing & Synchronization

Nomadesk makes it possible to share, synchronize and backup your files. Not only can you backup, share and synchronize your files, they also encrypt to ensure the safety and you can access your files via any smartphone. Cause of their office integration you can view, edit and collaborate simultaneously on office files.

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Smart, Simple, Safe

Get the best of both worlds. With Nomadesk, you will enjoy the ease of fi le collaboration with the confidence of a secure program. All fi les stored within a Nomadesk folder are encrypted and password-protected on your local drive and are only made visible when you log into the Nomadesk application. You can also see when new files are created, modifi ed, deleted and downloaded from
your shared Vault by other users.
Nomadesk’s Theftguard feature allows you to remotely wipe fi les from the local drive if your laptop is ever lost or stolen.

Send, Share and Sync Anywhere

In today’s high-speed business world, information is power. Nomadesk operates in a virtual environment you are already used to – Finder on Macs and Windows Explorer on PCs. So you can
easily share your fi les with others, across multiple devices with functionality on several platforms. Because Every Business has Unique Needs While thousands of professionals rely on the secure
Nomadesk cloud environment for their fi le sharing and backup needs, some larger businesses may prefer to deploy Nomadesk on their own private cloud. The ability to satisfy both needs gives
Nomadesk the fl exibility to provide the best (and most cost eff ective) model for every customer.

File Sharing

Sending large attachments over the mail may be difficult. These problems are now history thanks to the automatically installed Outlook plugin. When you add an attachment, you will be asked to add the file as a Nomadesk file link. Nomadesk offers the possibility to set a password and the permitted amount of downloads.

Offline editing

When your PC or laptop is not connected to the Internet, you will still be able to work on the files synchronized to your computer. When you go back online your files will be synchronized

Editing simultaneously

Several people can modify the same fi le on the same time. When you save a file that has been edited since you opened it, you will be notified and asked what to do: overwrite, rename or keep the existing file.

Backup and restore

Made a mistake or deleted a fileby accident? Don’t worry; the myNomadesk web interface offers the possibility to create backups or to restore a previous version of files.

Secure and protect

All the files stored on the Nomadesk servers are encrypted. Once synchronized the files are available on your computer. In case of loss of theft of your device, you can remove the Nomadesk vaults from the device using TheftGuard. TheftGuard is accessible from the myNomadesk web interface.

Multiple clients

Installing the Nomadesk application on your PC or Mac will enable you to assign a drive letter to the vaults of your choice. The data you stored in these vaults will be synchronized to your pc.
Offline? You can still access your data. As soon as you connect to the internet again, the files you modified will be synchronized automatically. The myNomadesk web interface provides web
access to your files, but is also a management portal. Here you can manage files, vaults and users as well as access rights. This is also the place to maintain your backups and revision control.
For smartphones and tablets an app to access your files is available. This app only synchronizes the files you mark as favorite. The other files will be accessible but will not be downloaded to your device.

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